Which indiana jones movie is first?

Indiana Jones is an American media franchise based on the adventures of Dr. Henry Walton Indiana Jones, Jr.

Which indiana jones movie is first?

Indiana Jones is an American media franchise based on the adventures of Dr. Henry Walton Indiana Jones, Jr. In 1984, a prequel, The Temple of Doom, was published, and in 1989, a sequel, The Last Crusade. Few people realize that the original Indiana Jones movies weren't released in the right order.

Indiana Jones has been capturing ancient artifacts and our hearts for more than 40 years. The iconic film series directed by Steven Spielberg is known for its exaggerated plot lines, action-packed scenes and John Williams's theme song that creates suspense. Of course, the khaki costume of the character Harrison Ford, the wide-brimmed hat and the mischievous smile are also quite memorable. The Indiana Jones franchise is a collection of movies like no other, consisting of the original film plus three movie sequels that somehow don't disappoint viewers.

Every archaeological adventure and every victory over the villains serves as a reminder that Indy is, and will always be, the most heroic fictional crusade in the world. This sequel to the fan-favorite movie is about keeping up with Indiana Jones Jones and his father, Henry Jones Sr. After Indy's first encounter with the evil Nazis, they returned to find the Holy Grail and kidnapped Henry along the way. Now it's up to Indy to save his father and the world.

This first installment of the franchise started it all, although it ranks second chronologically. Set in 1936, it really introduces us to the archaeologist and professor Indiana Jones played by Harrison Ford. With the help of his ex Marion (Karen Allen) and the “best digger in Egypt”, Sallah (John Rhys-Davies), Jones confronts the Nazis to find the Ark of the Covenant. All Indiana Jones movies are available to watch on the Paramount Plus and NOW TV streaming services.

Jones escapes, but is engulfed in the red fright of the late 50s and is suspended from his job at Marshall College. The series, The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, told the first adventures of Indy, through a collection of stories about countries set in the early 20th century. Harrison Ford even appears in one episode (Young Indiana Jones and the Mystery of the Blues) as Indiana Jones. Shortly after the release of A New Hope in 1977, Lucas traveled to Hawaii to see his old friend Steven Spielberg and introduced him to the adventure film describing it as “like James Bond”, but better and, after a little convincing, Spielberg signed on to direct In Search of the Lost Ark, with Lucas as executive producer.

With a gap of almost twenty years and poor critical reception, many Indy fans argue that this film is almost unrecognizable from its predecessors. Most episodes involve Jones meeting a famous historical figure, such as Theodore Roosevelt, Leo Tolstoy or Charles De Gaulle. For more information on these releases, you can check out The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones DVD collections on Amazon UK or Amazon US. Set in 1936, Indiana Jones is informed that the Nazis are looking for his former mentor, Abner Ravenwood, who has the information they need to find the Ark.

In addition, there was The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, an “educational entertainment series” that Lucas produced in 1992 and 1993.The mastermind of Star Wars, George Lucas, first conceived Indiana Jones in the 70s and named the character after his dog, Indiana. Considered one of the best movies of all time, the Indiana Jones series follows the exploits of Dr. Henry Walton 'Indiana' Jones Jr., a full-time archaeology professor and part-time adventurer.