Which indiana jones is first?

In Search of the Lost Ark (198), originally released as In Search of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones' first film was later marketed as Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Ark. .

Which indiana jones is first?

In Search of the Lost Ark (198), originally released as In Search of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones' first film was later marketed as Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Ark. . Few people realize that the original Indiana Jones movies weren't released in the right order. Indiana Jones has been capturing ancient artifacts and our hearts for more than 40 years.

The iconic film series directed by Steven Spielberg is known for its exaggerated plot lines, action-packed scenes and John Williams's theme song that creates suspense. Of course, the khaki costume of the character Harrison Ford, the wide-brimmed hat and the mischievous smile are also quite memorable. The Indiana Jones franchise is a collection of movies like no other, consisting of the original film plus three movie sequels that somehow don't disappoint viewers. Every archaeological adventure and every victory over the villains serves as a reminder that Indy is, and will always be, the most heroic fictional crusade in the world.

This sequel to the fan-favorite movie is about keeping up with Indiana Jones from the Jones and his father, Henry Jones Sr. After Indy's first encounter with the evil Nazis, they returned to find the Holy Grail and kidnapped Henry along the way. Now, it's up to Indy to save his father and the world. This first installment of the franchise started it all, although it is the second chronologically.

Set in 1936, it introduces us to archaeologist and teacher Indiana Jones, played by Harrison Ford. Four decades have passed since George Lucas and Steven Spielberg first teamed up to bring Indiana Jones to movie screens. After a brief prologue set in 1912 that portrays River Phoenix as a young Indy, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade advances to 1938, with Indy once again in a race against the Nazis in search of the Holy Grail, the legendary chalice that occupies a prominent place in both Christian and Arthurian iconography. myth.

Considered one of the best movies of all time, the Indiana Jones series follows the exploits of Dr. Henry Walton ('Indiana' Jones Jr.), a full-time archaeology professor and part-time adventurer. It takes place in 1936, when a globetrotting archaeologist named Indiana Jones comes face to face with a group of Nazis to prevent them from finding an ancient relic that could help them take over the world. To watch the Indiana Jones movies in chronological order, you'll have to skip a bit, but it's worth watching all the exciting adventures that unfold in real time.

With the fifth installment of Indiana Jones looking like it will finally start shooting later this spring, now could be a good time to tackle the famous archaeologist's first four cinematic adventures. Not all Indiana Jones movies reach the same highs, but they all offer an opportunity to feast your eyes on Harrison Ford and his daring adventures. With the help of his ex Marion (Karen Allen) and the “best digger in Egypt”, Sallah (John Rhys-Davies), Jones confronts the Nazis to find the Ark of the Covenant. Star Wars mastermind George Lucas first conceived Indiana Jones in the 70s and named the character after his dog, Indiana.

Technically, the Grail could be the MacGuffin in the movie, but what Indy really wants to discover is a renewed relationship with his father, Henry Jones (a perfectly played Sean Connery). Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was the second Indiana Jones movie to be released, but it actually ranks first in the timeline. If you're familiar with the Indiana Jones movies, you may have noticed that the sequence of time-traveling events doesn't make much sense. All Indiana Jones movies are available to watch on the Paramount Plus and NOW TV streaming services.

However, Raiders was the first Indiana Jones movie released, but it takes place in 1936, making it Indy's second chronologically adventure. Inspired by early 20th century film series and designed as an American alternative to James Bond, the character of Indiana Jones, played by Harrison Ford at the peak of his powers, immediately struck a chord and audiences became more in tune with the idea of the annual summer blockbusters. With the help of his sidekick Short Round (Ke Huy Quan) and the reluctant singer Willie (Kate Kapshaw), Jones faces run-ins like Chinese gangsters and a slightly creepy cult that enjoys ripping people's hearts out and turning them into lava. .